Wednesday, February 17, 2010

How Long After Exposure Would Head Lice Show Up Very Upset About CAT Scan To Head That Was Unneeded In ER Room?

Very upset about CAT scan to head that was unneeded in ER room? - how long after exposure would head lice show up

Question about head CT?
Recently, I hit my head getting into a car this weekend. The place was nice and I did my move my jaw a side that had beaten me, a little difficult. I had no headaches, however.
He decided to go to the emergency room a few days. My first trip ever. The emergency doctor told me I could have injured a muscle. Everyone asked me, headaches and said he did not like his sister and others. The doctor also wanted a scanner.
I now fear that the TAC was not necessary. It was a very quick process. I was not at the table of duration, which passed directly over my head. I kept my clothes. I do not know how long it was, but not for long, maybe 5 minutes or less.
After they go home and read a TACOnline, I think, understand that there is no need for me. Why ordered?
My main concern is now to help later from cancer. I am currently 28 years. You need more in the future, the biggest problems. I feel stupid now go to the emergency room and things happen to me and the radiation hazard. My head actually feels better today.

I had no symptoms of vomiting, I was not black, so I had no headache. I just had a few headaches that are very sensitive and some pain in the jaw. Why TC? Wast for accountability? I wish I would have said "NO". I was under the scanner for 20 seconds. It was a very fast, which looked kind of donut head. Later, I called and the technician told me that there are 3-scans equiValent sunlight you would in a year. Does that sound right?

They worry! Thank you!


Shey said...

Do not worry, do not increase, the cat from time to time scan the risk of getting cancer. On the one hand, it seems rather costly and excessive order to analyze the absence of symptoms, but why then, first in the emergency room, whether it is beautiful? I wonder whether the doctor may have signs of neurological experience, noted as a symptom, and may have been one reason for the study. Doctors do not always immediately see what you say is suspect, because I would not worry unnecessarily. They seem very good in any case, so please do not require the proof from time to time concerns, so do not try to be better to have problems later because of delayed treatment. Best wishes.

Moxie said...

Please do not worry. A scanner is not predisposed to cancer. Perhaps if there were a dozen of them each year.
There was a risk his life with the head injury. Yes, I wanted the ER people to be sure you are well and will not die if sent home. Yes, they wanted to protect itself from legal problems.
They did what they thought of him all the best for you and you went and you do not want to change, yet, because you are now safe and radiation does not hurt.

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